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Need a Lifeline for the Game of Life? 
When just a bandage isn’t enough, try a first-aid kit for the troubled soul.

LONGWOOD, FL-Are you having one of those days? Do you want to just scream yourself hoarse or bang your head repeatedly against the wall? Are you worried that the very next person that irritates you will cause you to commit a felony? Do you feel like you’re at the bottom of a dark hole and there’s no hope of escape?

Often in our lives, we suffer from trials, tribulations, and simply dark, gloomy days. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on our blessings, not our problems. And even worse are the days when God just seems impossibly far away. On those days when you need the right words right now, Patty Wachold’s “My Courage Book: Instant Inspiration Immediately!” ($17.99, paperback, ISBN # 978-1-60266-291-9) will do just that! This book will help you to find the words that immediately give you a sense of serenity, calm and peace, a reminder that God loves you and is always with you, no matter what.

Years ago, Patty Wachold learned courage the hard way: through bad choices and wrong paths. She’s been a carnival worker, a drug addict, a rape victim and a single Mom; hung out with bikers, hippies and freaks. She’s witnessed terrible violence. But she’s also met some fascinating and unforgettable people along the way who helped her on her journey, including some angels in disguise sent by God. “I’ve met people from every walk of life imaginable,” says the author. “In this I’m very blessed. I’m someone who’s seen and experienced many facets of life, both good and bad. It’s helped me to see life differently, more thoughtfully, more appreciatively, and to enjoy the daily God moments.”

How is such a positive outlook possible? Wachold found deliverance from all the crises in her life through God, and she credits Him with helping her author this book. Her ability to pick herself up when life knocked her down was facilitated by His divine intervention and a loving family. “Before he passed away, my father told me, ‘You’re a survivor, Pat. You’ve always been a survivor, and you always will be.’ But I couldn’t have survived without God’s help.”

Patty Wachold has a B.A. in journalism and is a published freelance writer. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her parrot, Fred.

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Hello, my name is Patty, and I am the co-author of “My Courage Book: Instant Inspiration Immediately!” the new book designed to uplift, inspire and encourage all who read it. I say “co-author” because God is the true author of the book, and getting it into print was His wonderful idea. I just helped!

About two years ago, I was diagnosed as having two small aneurysms on the left cerebral artery of my brain. After consulting with doctors, I learned that there are two forms of surgery to seal off the aneurysms, one of which has only a 40% survival rate. Not very good odds, to be sure. Frightened, I turned to my Bible for comfort, and began writing down my favorite Bible passages in a notebook that I could carry around with me. I called it, “My Courage Book.”

Well, through the grace of God, the doctors finally decided that since my aneurysms were so small, it was less dangerous to take a “wait and see” approach. Thank you Jesus! In the meantime however, I still had my “courage” book.

As I was saying my prayers one day, God suddenly put it onto my heart that others could probably benefit from such a “courage” book too! Not just people facing illnesses, either, but anyone who needs an occasional hug from God! (At times we all need a reminder of just how very much God loves us!) And that is how the book was born!

Using my Bible, along with a concordance, dictionary and thesaurus, and Bible study software, I scoured the Bible for verses that would fit into the appropriate chapters in the book; verses especially selected to remind the reader that God and Jesus are always with us and will never, ever leave us, even in the hard times.

It took me over 18 months to complete the book, and I am quite pleased with the results. The book is filled with inspiring passages carefully studied and selected from the King James Version of the Bible, along with a few of my own poems and personal thoughts that I added. The chapters are alphabetized, from “A Light in the Darkness” to “Zion Rejoices,” and verses are in the proper chronological order, from Genesis to Revelation.

The book is small enough to be tucked into a backpack or purse so that you can turn to it whenever and wherever you need it. The book would also make a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one who may need such a reminder as well; those who are grieving, frustrated, frightened, or even just having a bad day!

I hope and pray with all my heart that the beautiful words of God that fill its pages will help others as they have helped me! I have already received wonderful feedback from a number of readers that say it does just that, and I couldn’t be happier! While the book serves as a wonderful resource for those who are ill, grieving or fighting addictions, it is also designed for everyday use by all, since all of us have a bad day once in a while!

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address above. May God bless you always!

Sincerely yours,
Patty Wachold


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