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Community Home Around and About the House some of the things i am working on for the holidays
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Community Friend
Community Friend

Joined: 25 Feb 2007
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Location: West Va.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:29 pm    Post subject: some of the things i am working on for the holidays Reply with quote
since we all know about being very resourceful for survival in this profession.. the holidays is my time to really step up to the i wanted to throw some ideas out here to get ya'll geared up "YES u can do christmas on a budget"..LOL......please add any ideas u have too.....

ok wooden snowmen.......i have scraps of landscape timber and will be stacking 3 of them together painting them white and paint faces or use scraps of other material for their faces with kid stocking hats and small scarves.....also i have some thick branches will be painting them white too with little faces and yard stuff for hats and arms etc.......poof free.......these make great gifts for the porches or inside decoration....

paper bead ornaments........i love my wire squirrley designs........i twist them in a long tier type ornament shape add glass beads wrapping them with wire and dangly ones made out of paper beads..(been collecting all kinds of pretty paper..doc had some gourmet chocolate individual wrapped, she has given me each one of the wrappers..kewl they are from other countries)i have used wrapping paper, construction paper, magazines with elmers glue and shellac each one ..easy to make and cheap and these are gorgeous in paper beads, glass beads, wires and ribbons and poof u have very inexpensive ornaments....( i took some to our reunion and auctioned them off for our fund)

so many things u can do with paper beads......omg necklaces, windchimes, key rings, etc......and many sites on google for paper beading to see different style beads to make.....i am hooked on these......

wreaths.........some out of clothes hangers......some i have cut out cardboard boxes in round circles...have used pine cones, leaves, ribbons, play dough ornaments and made some cute wreaths to give as family gifts........just imagination and some time and another very inexpensive gifts...

landscape timber reindeer......there's pics of these on the google sites.....we did these without the pattern with trial and doc will get a pair of these........i have 4 sets of deer in my yard..these are one of my favorite things we have made except for the black bear cutouts.....a little paint or stain and a bell and another great gift for a family......

i also do alot of baking............fudge, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, rice krispie thingeys, i also make up some freezer meals to give to some of the families that are so busy and no time to stews, chicken soups, lasagna, beefaroni etc..............

alot of the gag gifts i do for good taste and not to personal.........the 'kotex' slipper is still a big hit at work......

for small children.......their own pillow and blanket.....make them or find very cheap or decorate a pillow case for their very own.........same idea is their own plate.........they love these things.....makes them feel special........
also many dh's would love to have their own pillow and pillow case for the truck (hint hint)

i have many other ideas floating around in my head i'll post them too at a later motto at my house.....don't throw anything away because i will probably find a use for it later on a craft or a thingey majig.........except food that spoils........dh just sits back SlapHead and laughs........

so again just think outside the box.............i never spend alot on gifts.....i'd rather give my time and love .. Wink Mrs Smile

recycle.reuse.refurbish.ha and dh thinks GARBAGE..He's learning.LOL

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Community Friend
Community Friend

Joined: 29 Mar 2008
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Location: Mansfield, Ohio

PostPosted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Love your ideas Tee.. I'm as crafty as a rock. LOL Never would have thought of any of these. :)

Married to Brian16 yr, Mom to Luke 16, Logan 14, and Alyssa 8, Lawson 5yr

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