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What Folks are Saying About

"My husband brought me home the article that was written in the Truck News about your web site. I enjoyed the article and couldn't wait to get onto your site. I just love it! I was very happy to see you had a message board for wives who are spiritually inclined. My next visit will surely be to that board. Just knowing that I have access to other wives that know exactly how I feel, makes me feel less alone."
Thank you, Kristyne

"I just read almost everything on your website and I think it's great.駶e been a truckers wife now for 20 years and believe me it doesn't get any easier.䯠come to this website and hear of others and know what's going on everywhere, roads and weather reports really help the mind a lot.诰e it stays up and running for a long time,
Thanks Christie

"...the recently created website is a true gem for those who know all too well what it means to be home alone."
Truck News
March 2004 issue

"This is turning quickly into the Truckers wife stop on the Net."

"Great bunch of gals here.. you're going to love it!"
I'm sure I speak for most of the truckers wives when I say some days, having this site to come to as a means of support saves my sanity."

"This forum is a fantastic idea, thanks for creating it."

"Everyone here is really nice and very supportive."
"I haven't laughed this hard in ages."

"This is the first website for truckers wives that I've actually enjoyed and felt part of, not just a lost post here and there."

"This is such a great lifesaver of a website."
"I really do believe that trucker's wives are special people and I'm so glad I found this board."

"...if you need help or advice you have found the right place."

"I was so thankful when I found this place too! Back then there were about 3 of us. lol But it's so much nicer now that there are more of us. We do have a bond. Even though we all have our differences, we are able to overlook them and concentrate on our common bond, husbands that we love, whom we're forced by circumstance, to be away from. I love you guys! :-)"

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