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Dear Kelly
A column written by the editor of A Truckers Wife.

Truckers helping truckers
UTDA changing the world one trucker at a time : I want to change the image - show people that truck drivers are needed.

Share the Road
DO NOT DRIVE IN THEIR BLIND SPOTS! Do not tailgate. If you can't see their mirrors, they can't see you.

A Helpful Trucker
I wanted to give you a sincere THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the careful driving you did while I was following you. My drive home from my camp trip was a trip from Hades.

A Cinderella Story
Once upon a time there was this lady of the house who was forced to do all of the household chores alone. She was the one responsible for taking the trash to the curb, mowing the lawn, scrubbing the toilet, and many other tasks too numerous to mention.

Daughters, Dads and Listening
"Thanks, dad. Thanks for listening. I always knew I could come to you."

Photos From the Mid-American Truck Show 2006
Shanon and Jennifer were in attendance on the first day of the Mid-America Trucking show.

Angels in Trucker's Clothing
"I think the best angels drive big rigs. They have the biggest hearts." --Barb

Gas Saving Tips
While our truckers are on the road, here's some tips that we can use to help out at home in our "4-wheelers" to keep fuel costs down.

Intruders ~~~ Cops & Robbers
She whispered to Muriel to get up, and told her that some one is on the roof and trying to get in next door.

Makin' it Home...
Truck drivers are men and women who want to come home to their families.

You Might be a Trucker's Wife if...
A humorous, but very true, list written by Amie, A Trucker's Wife

Make-A-Wish for Motherġy
Marianne along with her "trucker" husband and children, attended the 2005 Make-A-Wish for Motherġy Celebration in Lancaster, PA.

The other Lady
WHO ? Who can compete with her?

Keeping the contents of your wallet safe!
Knowing contact information and account numbers is most important when your wallet is lost or stolen!

Honeymoon Chariot
A story from 1964 and how a B-61 became the 'Honeymoon Chariot'.

A Family of Twelve
Luke drives truck and Gerda is a homemaker and homeschooler to their 10 children. Luke was involved in a truck accident in 1994. This is their story.

Trucker Talk
"I was bobtailing the flip flop in the hammer lane." HUH?

Money Saving Tips for Trucking Families
Ways to keep a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Top Reasons to be A Truckers Wife
A little humor and a LOT of love!

Trucker Jokes
Just a little humor for your day!

Queen of the Multitaskers
Life can be a juggling act. Do you multitask?

How to Cope
Tips and suggestions to help cope when hubbie is away.

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I appreciate that you resent paying him more when it is his relationship to your daughter and not his workload that has altered.

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