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Top Reasons to be A Truckers Wife

This was intended to be a top ten list, but there were more contributions, so the list grew past ten.
Husbands, please don't be offended, we love you all!

To pay the bills.
Great if you value personal freedom.
Great if you like being alone.
You only have to look your best a few days a month.
There's no one home but you to mess up the house, expect you to cook, iron, clean or do anything else that you don't want to do until you're good and ready.
You can eat what you want to eat or not eat at all. No cooking elaborate dishes that you don't even like because it's his favorite.
You don't have to shave your legs until you get that call that he's headed home!
No falling into the toilet in the middle of the night because someone didn't put the seat down!
The way he loves your cooking after weeks of eating fast food, truck stop food and bologna sandwiches.
The great pay (and benefits) that accompany a trucking job when things are going right and he's getting plenty of miles.
All the great phone sex!
The way he's all over you when he gets home after weeks on the road. Don't you honestly feel like the most attractive woman in the world at that moment?
A trucker is a husband you can be proud of! Our truckers keep the country going by delivering anything and everything to even the most treacherous locations. They're also notorious for being knowledgeable and willing to lend a hand to those in need.
You have those wonderful, wonderful homecomings where you realize you'd trade all these benefits for just a few extra days with him!
Your heart never stops pitter pattering when he walks through the door.
Your shall we say intimate life? Is never boring or a chore, you are always so happy to see each other, you want to put the kids to bed at five.
You don't pick up men's socks and underwear off of the floor on a daily basis.
You save money on buying shaving products, you can just wait till you know he is coming home, thus keeping your legs warmer through most of the winter.
You are converter godess!!!!!!!!!!! NO SPORTS on my TV!!!!
Kraft dinner at dinner time is an awesome dinner to everyone left in your house.
I can watch him drive away in awe for what he does, by the time I drove a transport through a city there would be nothing left of either the truck or the city.
When he is getting on my nerves being home for a bit, I know that he is going to be leaving.
When he leaves I start looking forward and loving him even more waiting for him to come home.

How could you ask for more than to know that you are so loved and cared about by your husband that he is willing to work such long hours and be away from all of the comforts of home just so that you don't go without.


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