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How to Cope

A trucker's wife's job is never an easy one.
After your man heads out on the road, you are left alone to deal with many different situations. The water tank can go, the kitchen sink needs unplugging, the kids need to go to the doctor among many other things. When something goes wrong when he's away, you are it! On top of the physical things that need to be looked after, there is the emotional side. It isn't easy watching him drive away to be left alone for days, or even weeks at a time. Here are some tips to help you cope with being alone and having to deal with things.

Keep Busy
Time to think can be your enemy if you find it hard to pass the time when your man is on the road. Consider some of the following suggestions to keep busy:
Start up with a gym and go on a regular basis. Get a couple workout videos and make it a habit to work out at home. Exercise is not only good for the body, but for your mind and soul.
Take up crochet, or scrapbooking. Make an afghan, or some doilies for yourself or as gifts. Organize those photos that are sitting on the top shelf in the closet in a box!
Get involved in your children's school or extra curricular activities.
Take a course at the local college or adult ed. What better time to study and do really well than when you have time on your hands!?
Volunteer at a hospital or local soup kitchen.
Go for coffee with a friend or have a couple of friends over for a desert in the evening.

State of Mind
Thinking positive is key keeping a healthy outlook on any situation. Try not to sit and dwell on how alone you are when he is away, but think ahead to how wonderful it will be when he is home. Try to remember that even though our men are not at home all the time, at least we have them. They are out on the road working without us too.

Take your time
Being able to cope as a trucker's wife won't happen over night for most of us. As time goes on and it becomes a lifestyle, it will get easier. Have your down times and have a good cry every now and then. Relieving the stress of loneliness can be a good thing. Try to do something fun and upbeat after a good cry. Put a dance tune on the stereo and bounce around the house while you get your supper ready!

Keep in Touch
Keeping in contact with your man can be both stressful and therapeutic. They are under a lot of stress on the road, weather, traffic and deadlines as well as thinking about what they are missing at home. Keep the conversation light. No need to worry him with things that he can't help with anyway. If he seems a little cranky and tired, keep it short.
Waiting around for phone calls can be tiresome and very frustrating. Order call forwarding for your home phone, or a follow me toll free number. If it's in your budget, a cell phone is great!

Write things down
If something around the house needs to be done, and you need help from your man, keep a list of these things.
Write down anything that you don't want to forget to tell him when he comes home. Sometimes when there home time is short, we forget in the flurry of catching up and getting close.
Keep a journal and write daily happenings and feelings in it.

Be Honest
If you are having trouble, let him know how you feel. Discuss it openly and honestly with him. Ask him for his opinion and work together to make things easier for the both of you. A trucker's wife always has a trucker, and that means two people who have concerns, worries, joys and pains in life.

Above all else, no matter what job anyone works, a relationship takes time, love, patience and understanding to work. With your man on the road, it makes that harder, but not impossible. Keeping yourself healthy and happy is the first step to make it great when you are both together.

I hope that some of these tips have hit home for you and are something that you may find can help. Nothing works for everyone, but if we can find out what works for us, then we'll be stronger and better women for it!


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