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A Cinderella Story

Once upon a time there was an old woman who lived in a...oh wait... wrong fairy tale. *thinks hard* OUCH! Oh yeah, got it now.

Once upon a time there was this lady of the house who was forced to do all of the household chores alone. She was the one responsible for taking the trash to the curb, mowing the lawn, scrubbing the toilet, and many other tasks too numerous to mention. Her name was Cinderjudy.

Then one day the Cinderjudy's fairy god mother landed on her shoulder and told her it was time for a ride. Cinderjudy exclaimed with joy, "Oh I cannot wait!" But then she thought better of it. There were dishes to wash, floors to vacuum, windows to wash, and posts to be made on ATW.

The fairy god mother shook her head from side to side in disappointment. "You must learn to live, my child! There will always be jobs to do and ATW can survive a day without you," she shouted out in dismay. "I will grant you 14 hours to dance the miles away with a very handsome prince who drives a pumpkin."

Cinderjudy thought and thought and then knew she must follow the god mother's advice. "I will go, Fairy god mother!"

The fairy god mother was very happy. "Here is a pair of gloves to help your prince pre-trip his pumpkin. However, you MUST be back into your pick-up truck when the prince's 70 hour clock runs out!"

Cinderjudy was in her glory at her very first ride in a pumpkin. Her handsome prince took her to many fine Wal-Mart stores all over Ohio and Pennsylvania. He drove the back roads, the interstates, and even the alleyways! She was on top of the world.

However the Qualcomm struck 14, and Cinderjudy had to run from the pumpkin to her own pick up truck. She hadn't even gotten a chance to give her prince a peck on the cheek before he had to park the pumpkin and return his paperwork. As the handsome fellow went to his car, he found the glove Cinderjudy had dropped while departing the pumpkin.

Back home, Cinderjudy was heating up soup when she heard the front door open. She looked as if in shock when her handsome prince asked, "Is this yours mi'lady?"

She ran into his open arms as he fitted the glove to her hand. "I'll love you forever, Cinderjudy," he exclaimed. And they lived happily ever after.

The End!

(aka, I got my first ride as a truckers wife in a semi! lol)

Edited by handsome prince,
"You brought gloves with you???" LMAO

© 2006 Judy 

About the author:
Judy is a trucker's wife and an active member of the ATW community. She puts smiles on people's faces more than she knows. .



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