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Money Saving Tips for Trucking Families

It doesn't matter how good the pay is if the spending can't be kept under control. Here are some tips we've put together for you for ways to keep a few extra dollars in your pocket!


Food can be one of the biggest personal ongoing expenses while on the road. Even if you just take a small cooler, you can save a few dollars by just bringing things from home. Some things will need to be kept cooled properly like meat, but other things will do just fine in a box or bag.
For the cooler:
-Sandwiches will keep in the cooler for a day or two with a good cold pack or by buying ice.
-Other suggestions are fruit, yogurt, cut up vegetables, salads, cheese cubes, cold pasta.

No refrigeration needed:
-Bottled water, soft drinks, juices. (just grab some ice from the cooler)
-Granola bars, cereal, crackers, home made cookies, powdered drink mix.
-For the junk food guys, chips, chocolate bars and other snacks.
If a small fridge or plug in cooler is in the budget, this is definitely something to consider. A crock pot or a steamer can be put to good use with an plugin adapter too. A good thermos will keep coffee hot for the first leg of the trip.

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Shop wisely on the road
If there is somewhere to park the truck and shop at a supermarket instead of a convenience store or restaurant, you are way ahead of the game! Some fruit, a loaf of bread and some lunch meat will cost significantly less than a couple lunches in a truck stop. Some stores even carry hot food from the deli that will usually be considerably less than a meal in a restaurant.

Truck Supplies

Company Drivers:
If your company has stock of windshield washer, fluids, oils and other miscellaneous supplies, be sure that you have them in your truck. It's easier to have them supply it, rather than have to buy it on the road and wait to be reimbursed.
Owner Operators:
Keep your stock up and make purchases where you know you can get it the cheapest.

At Home

1. Don't cook more than you need.
2. Save and EAT leftovers.
3. Use coupons when you can.
4. Plan out tasks so you do all your errands in one trip.
5. Turn off all lights if you're not working in that room.
6. Reuse file folders by turning them inside out.
7. Freeze leftover vegetables and then use them in soup later.
8. Freeze leftovers in plastic containers for microwavable TV dinners.

Keeping Connected

Limit Limit Limit phone calls. Check out your local phone company for calling cards, it may be possible for him to call you as if you are dialing out long distance and you get charged your own long distance charge ie: 10 cents a min.
Cells phones are great, but make sure you watch for hidden charges and roaming access fees. The competition is great out there, and there are plans that are good for our situations, but be sure to do your homework.
Toll free numbers are great! You can usually get an inexpensive per minute call and it is usually a lot less money than a cell phone. You don't usually have to wait until evenings or weekend for cheap rates either.

Get your husband a computer for the truck, a laptop is great, doesn't have to be fancy, he can get internet access right to his truck at the truck stop and you can voice conference. We even video cam so it is like we are right with each other, and it is much cheaper than phone calls.


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