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Trucker Talk

Have you ever heard truckers talking and found yourself wondering, "What in 'tarnation are they talking about?"

"I was bobtailing the flip flop in the hammer lane." HUH? Truckers seem to have their very own language. We'll try to lift some of the mystery here by listing some trucker lingo!

Translation to the above statement: I was on my way home, without a trailer in the fast lane.

Truckerese Translation
(as in 10-20 or 10-4)
alligator shredded tire on the road, usually a retread
back door What's behind you traveling in the same direction.
band aid box ambulance
bear police car
bobtail tractor or cab only, no trailer
boss man supervisor or owner of the company
box dry van/trailer
b-trains two trailers linked together by a fifth wheel
bullhauler trailer that hauls livestock
bullrack livestock trailer
chew and spews truck stop
chicken coop weigh station
choke 'n' puke this would not be a good place to eat!
clusterf*ck parking at a busy truckstop/general confusion
comic book log book
commercial company prostitute
company driver one who drives for the company in their trucks
contaminated meat same thing as lot lizards
dead head pulling an empty trailer
dirty dog Husky restaurants in Canada
diesel bear Same as DOT Bear
DOT Department Of Transportation in the US
DOT bear DOT enforcement
evil knievel cop on a motorcycle
fifth wheel the part on the back of the tractor where the trailer hooks up to
flatbed/flatdeck flat trailer
flip flop the trip home
flyin' hook Flying J's
front door What is in front of you traveling in the same direction.
full grown marked police car
granny lane right or slow lane
hammer lane fast lane or left lane
handle a name drivers use on a CB
headache rack heavy metal racks built up behind a tractor that pulls flatdecks to prevent a load from sliding forward and damaging the tractor or injuring the driver
hemorrhoid with a polaroid police officer with a photo radar
horizontal highway hostess prostitute at a truck stop
I hear yah I'm listening and understand
kiddie car schoolbus
lollypop mile marker
lot lizard prostitute
LTL Less Than a truck Load/Load to Load - when you are putting on a number of different loads to make up one full load
lumper guys who get paid cash to unload freight
makin' bacon making love
meat wagon ambulance
owner operator (O/O) one who owns and operates their own truck.
parking lot special truck made for hauling cars
pickle park rest area
pimp haulers van haulers (this is what the tank drivers my s/o works with call freight haulers.)
pin to pin taking a trailer from one location to another. No loading or unloading involved.
plain wrapper unmarked police car
rack and tarp trailer with roll on tarp
reefer refrigerated trailer
right on same meaning as "I Hear Yah"
rocky mountain double a tractor with a 45' and a 27/28' trailer
rookie new driver or driver without much experience
seat cover ride alonger
Sesame Street CB channel 19- the truckers channel
skateboard empty flatdeck
slip seating when someone other than you may drive your truck when you are not in it
Not a dedicated truck, more than one driver uses the same truck at different times.
stepdeck flatbed trailer with a raised portion that steps down
swamp donkeys moose
tanker yanker drivers that haul tanks
tri-axle/tridem three axles instead of the normally seen two (sets of wheels together)
trough buffet
turnpike double a US term for a combination composed of a tractor and two 45' trailers
van regular trailer
wagon trailer
wiggle wagons trucks with double or triple trailers
yard ape moves trucks or trailers in the yard
yardstick mile markers on the interstate highway

Add your trucker talk or request a translation!

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