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Queen of the Multitaskers

We moved into our new home when I was 8 months pregnant. When we pulled into the driveway I smiled as I saw the double garage with automatic doors. A vision of chasing my three year old down the road with a big round belly just the year before, danced through my mind. Others saw a garage - I saw an enclosure!

I share this with you because two months later I was still nagging my husband to please clear one side of the garage so I could park in it. He didn't understand why it was such an important issue to me. After all, as a trucker he only had three days home between trips and needed to rest.

Three weeks later, I arrived home from an average day in town. My laptop was hanging from my right shoulder, the baby's car seat clutched within my right hand, my toddler was hanging precariously beneath my right arm.

My left side was adorned with a diaper bag the size of Texas, three bags of groceries, and my keys ready in hand to unlock the door. I was pushing the bag of diapers with my feet as I shuffled towards the door all the while looking over my shoulder at my five year old, yelling for him to get back in the yard before a car came and squashed him like a bug.

I turned my head looking for the keyhole. I saw my husband's plaid shirt. Glancing up I spit the mail out of my mouth and said "you're home early".

"I'll clean the garage out tonight" was his response.

I like to share this story because it really happened! It clearly illustrates the juggling act most mothers face everyday.

Most of my friends will tell you how together I am. How I have more energy then a million moms. This sounds good to me but it's not true. I simply don't sleep so I can get it all done. I use to joke that I was having an affair on my husband. I met my lover in the dark, with moonlight streaming through the windows as the gentle waves of water splashed against the side of the washing machine. It's midnight and I am doing laundry!

As a HR manager I sipped non-fat lattes and chatted with friends over lunch. As a wahm I drink black decaf coffee (because the baby just finished off the milk) and I build tents out of the sofa pillows as I participate in a conference call.

I can multitask. In fact I think I may be QUEEN of the multitaskers (well maybe a Princess) the problem was keeping track of all my tasks. Oh- I had day planners, one for work, one for the children, one on the kitchen whiteboard, and one on my desk.

I don't work from nine to five. I don't work from sun up until sun down. I work around the clock and I don't get weekends off. I have a minivan for an office, and a diaper bag that doubles as an attach頣ase.

My bonuses? While they would be watching my son discover that he can't climb the walls like Spiderman and being there to kiss the scrapes better. Seeing my daughter stand on her own for the first time. Having my husband reassure me that if he had to be me - well we wouldn't have kids for very long. I am wahm.

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ళ Kay McFarlane
Please do not reprint without permission

About the author:
Kay is a Christian Mom who works from home and wishes to see other moms find the balance between family, work, and personal time.
Visit her website:



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