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A Few More Hours

I wake this morning
and groan to myself
counting the few hours
of this day that are left

A few more hours
is all I have with you
and then youíre off again
to pay bills that are due.

A few hours here and there
are all that we can steal
yet always appreciating
each bill paid and each meal.

You work so hard
to give us a good life
but it's hard to be
a trucker's kids and wife.

We count each minute
until the ring of the phone
and in those short conversations
we don't feel so alone.

Itís hard to watch you go
it's hard to watch the time
it's hard knowing that just a few hours
is all that I can call mine.

It's a long lonely life
for the kids and me
but that's the way it has to be
to meet our wants and needs.

You deserve a medal
for long hours and much stress
and no need to worry
I will take care of all the rest.

The kids sometimes cry
for daddy to come back
but they know you love them,
it's only time that they lack.

We love you every moment,
even when your gone
there is no where else
that our hearts belongs.

This is where I belong
this is what I was meant to do
it's not the schedule I would have picked
but I know for sure I belong with you.

So I will always be here waiting
sometime with tears in my eyes
but I will love you always
no matter what may arise.

We love you every day
no matter where you are
we need you every moment
Whether near or far.

A few more hours
is all we want and pray
a few more hours with you
just a few more hours in this day.

©2004 Brandy Bertog
A Devoted Trucker's Wife
Please do not reprint without permission

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