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Truck Gallery

Big and Shiny,
Steel and Chrome,
Our trucks never look better,
Than when they're home!

We would like to offer this space to share Truck Photos.
Please use the file upload contact form to submit your photo and information.
Include a short bit of text in the comments area if you would like something posted under the photo..
NOTE: This is a public page on the internet.

Laci & David's Pete at the Fergus Truck Show.
Summer 2005

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Such an exciting day in August 2005 when Rick moved a submarine from where it was built to the sea. The sub was built as a very expensive toy for an international jet-setter, and is now exploring the ocean around Vancouver, Canada. The operation was all hush-hush, so we can't tell you who commissioned the sub.

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The sub is almost fully unwrapped, ready for the crane. It cost it's owner millions of $$$, had leather airline seats, mahogany tables, a board room, full-sized kitchen, sauna and hot tub, as well as a couple of bedrooms on board. Talk about luxury! Methinks it belongs to a "Virgin" British bachelor who attempts many publlicity stunts (like ballooning around the world) to promote his airline and other businesses.

These photos do not do this truck justice! I saw this truck resting and couldn't resist. The purple and orange are so brilliant!
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This is a truck all done up for Harley Davidson and Buell!
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The eight pictures below are from Bryan Ohio on June 17, 2006 from their annual street fair and parade.

photos: courtesy of and Amber Cooper - Do not copy or use without permission.
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If any of you are familiar with Spangler Candy, or the Dum Dum pops, they are made in Bryan. This day happened to be Spangler's 100th birthday, so that was the main theme of the parade and there was lots of candy flying around!
The Spangler website is

The Clydesdale team/truck are owned by Great American Clydesdales.


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